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Transforming your business processes starts with knowing them.

Is the health of your business processes getting the attention—and transparency—it deserves?

It’s all about speed, accuracy, compliance, transparency.

Do those words describe your processes?

While these are indeed the goals associated with process improvement initiatives, true digital transformation at the enterprise level is about redefining the customer experience to win new customers, retain existing ones, and provide more value overall. Are your processes running in a way that helps you achieve these goals? Or are they getting in the way?

Only when you gain access to the inner workings of how your processes are functioning, and are able to pinpoint the exact areas where unnecessary friction exists, can you use intelligent automation in a way that results in the biggest wins:  Save time and money by gaining efficiencies. Comply with regulations more easily. Provide customer experiences that delight. This is the difference between simply digitizing your processes and digitally transforming them.

137 ABBYY Is Leader In SPARK Matrix 2021 EN 262X340

ABBYY Named 2021 Technology Leader of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) in the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix

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What is Intelligent Document Processing?

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is any software or solution that captures data from documents (e.g., email, text, PDF, and scanned documents), categorizes, and extracts relevant data for further processing using AI technologies such as computer vision, OCR, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and machine/deep learning. These solutions are typically non-invasive and can be integrated with internal applications, systems, and other automation platforms.

Everest Group, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Peak Matrix Assesment, 2020

Today’s enterprises are turning
to ABBYY to resolve issues like…

  • Many of their processes involving documents are still too manual.
  • They’ve implemented RPA for certain processes, but aren’t seeing results.
  • They can’t get data from documents into their RPA processes easily enough.
  • They need help identifying the points in their processes that are causing friction.
  • There’s too much time between the moment correspondence arrives in the organization and when customers receive a response.
  • They need an easier, quicker way to onboard new customers.

Usage scenarios

Examples of how enterprises are implementing ABBYY Intelligent Document Processing:

03A EA Cases Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience

Electronic and paper-based correspondence, complaints, contracts, and photos are readily available to effectively engage with customers in real time.

03B EA Cases Mailroom

Create a virtual mailroom

Automatically process business correspondence as it arrives, regardless of where and when it enters the organization, and have it directed to the appropriate destination within your organization with improved control, processing times, and customer experience.

03C EA Cases RPA

Improve Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

ABBYY delivers cognitive skills to your digital workforce so it can understand and interpret content, making RPA platforms and digital robots smarter and better able to make intelligent business decisions and act on them.

03D EA Cases Ondoarding

Improve customer onboarding & account openings

Automatically capture and distribute customer information during onboarding or account opening to ensure error-free and verified data is available for business processes.

03E EA Cases Process

Gain control of a process timeline

Understand your processes as living in real time, with the ability to identify proactively where document automation can optimize and transform the process.

Understanding your processes and the content that fuels them is key to seeing results from process automation.

Process improvement begins with a true understanding of what’s going on inside your processes. This information is critical to implementing an effective solution. Then, once you’ve uncovered the points in the process where automation can add the most value, we can apply intelligent automation to help you realize your process improvement goals.

This thorough examination of your processes, followed by automation of the content that fuels them, along with the ability to measure incremental process improvement in real-time, is the difference between enhancing a process and transforming it to serve your customers and stakeholders.

enterprise automation solutions
enterprise automation solutions
enterprise automation solutions
We visualize your end-to-end processes, analyze them, and shed light on the existing bottlenecks in your process flow.
We quickly determine the biggest opportunities for improvement, with unprecedented accuracy.
We implement Intelligent Document Processing automation where it can add the greatest value to your process efficiency, accuracy, and transparency, according to your goals.

Data is the fuel of business processes

It’s the data that’s contained within documents, particularly unstructured ones like emails, contracts, forms, and correspondence, that is generally required to initiate a business process – even those processes that are already automated by RPA solutions, or are struggling with them. And the quicker, more accurately, and consistently that the content arrives in the right place to start the right process, the more able you are to respond to your customers quickly, onboard new ones, and overall, redefine your customer experience.

Intelligent Document Processing is a new approach to automating document-driven processes. With RPA and BPM introducing new possibilities for automating repetitive, error-prone processes, the ability to transform documents into useful, easy-to-consume data, has never been more relevant than now. The difference is that Intelligent Document Processing targets specific processes that can benefit from automation, then processes and delivers the data that’s needed to fuel them.

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