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Strategically automate and digitize policy and claims processes with intelligent automation.

Understand and transform your processes with the power of AI

Intelligent Automation enables you to make data-driven decisions to strategically automate and digitize complex processes across multiple business functions, platforms, and tools.

The insurance industry is document-driven, but few insurers have fully automated their handling of the essential documents used in quoting, underwriting, onboarding, claims adjudication, and compliance. This slows quoting, underwriting, and claims processes, and ultimately negatively impacts customer experience. Intelligent automation for insurance pairs AI with RPA to investigate delays and interruptions in your processes—enabling you to make data-driven decisions to strategically automate and digitize complex processes across multiple business functions, platforms, and tools.

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Insurance processing challenges ABBYY can solve:

  • You want to target automation where it makes a difference.
  • Your processes are not efficient, and you’re not sure why.
  • You have invested heavily in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), but it is not delivering the results it promised.
  • You want to deliver consistently on customer and operational SLAs.
  • You want confidence in meeting document-related regulatory requirements.
  • Your old, manual document processes are contributing to customer dissatisfaction and attrition – especially with new, younger markets.
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process intelligence for insurance

Claims processing

Gain full visibility into all claims processes, including those with steps performed on multiple backend systems (e.g. Majesco, DuckCreek, Guidewire, CSC, Insurity, etc.), and inspect the exact steps taken for each claim. Transform claim forms into data that’s ready to feed into automated processes.

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Policy management

Understand policy servicing processes throughout technology ecosystems, using artificial intelligence to build a real-world model of each process based on system data. Determine optimal paths for successful outcomes in addition to unlocking the unstructured data stored in scanned and paper documents.

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Gain complete control over underwriting processes and the documents that drive them. Build a clear picture of how processes execute, based on system data, and determine the optimal path. Unlock data stored in underwriting documents, enabling straight-through processing to accelerate time to revenue.

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Customer service

Streamline new customer onboarding as well as post-sale services such as policy documentation, queries, and policy changes. Automate simpler document-based processes, leaving agents free to focus on serving customers with more complex needs.

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Process-ready data

Seamlessly process documents exactly as your customers provide them to your organization and content-enable your systems of record/engagement.

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Process monitoring

Measure the success of automation and ensure you’re meeting or exceeding, agreed-upon response times for customer service.

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Faster document processing

The faster document data arrives in the right place to start the right process, the faster you can respond to customers, onboard new ones, and redefine the overall customer experience.

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Continuous improvement

ABBYY Process Intelligence gives you a true understanding of what’s going on inside your processes so you can identify opportunities for real efficiency gains.

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High-volume processing

Automate processing of high volumes of documents—classifying them, extracting valuable indexes, and exporting them as searchable files into business applications or archives.

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Improved RPA

Add specific skills to digital workforces to automate document processing as needed to make RPA and BPM applications smarter, faster, and more effective.

What our customers say

Accuracy was the main factor in the decision to use ABBYY. In addition, the excellent personal support and high level of commitment from ABBYY employees convinced us: they understood our needs and requirements very well and reacted quickly.

DIRK BORSETZKY, CIO at Ecclesia Group

Frequently asked questions

Insurance automation leverages artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and other technologies to automate processes such as quoting, underwriting, onboarding, claims adjudication, and others. Automating tasks and processes offers insurers opportunities to lower overall costs, reduce the risk of costly human errors, enhance data-driven decision making for underwriting, and increase customer satisfaction.

Intelligent automation merges two AI-driven capabilities—process intelligence and intelligent document processing—to enable insurers to optimize their processes and the documents that drive them. Process intelligence enables insurers to understand processes as they actually occur, uncovering any bottlenecks, redundancies, and data gaps. Intelligent document processing transforms documents—from policy applications to claim forms—into data that can flow straight through processes without the need for human intervention.

Intelligent automation helps insurers address some of the industry’s most pressing challenges, including

  • Inefficient quoting, underwriting, onboarding, and claims processes
  • Uncertainty over which processes to target for automation
  • Lack of visibility into the causes of process inefficiencies
  • RPA investments not delivering results
  • Inability to deliver consistently on customer and operational SLAs
  • Escalating document-related regulatory requirements

Insurance automation helps RPA robots become more effective by providing the document skills they need to understand and process unstructured document content intelligently. Insurers also gain the capabilities to

  • Discover the most advantageous opportunities for RPA
  • Identify limitations of RPA capabilities
  • Upskill RPA robots with enhanced cognitive skills

Intelligent automation leverages several advanced AI-driven capabilities to enable insurance automation, including the following:

  • Process intelligence enables insurers to gain visibility into their processes and discover where bottlenecks occur, where redundancies arise, where data is missing, and where automation is working (or not).
  • Intelligent document processing (IDP) applies AI-based document processing “Skills” to read and understand documents in a way that mimics human understanding as they flow through business processes.
  • Intelligent process automation (IPA) combines AI technologies with automation tools like robotic process automation (RPA) to enable organizations to respond to the real-time requirements of their customers and the business.
  • Data capture brings together natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and advanced recognition capabilities to capture data accurately from any type of document of any size.
  • Document conversion capabilities convert document scans into searchable PDF, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel documents and access data on photographs or screenshots.

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