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Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services bring AI within reach of every business – without requiring machine learning expertise. All it takes is embedding a service via simple REST API call, giving your applications a human touch to understanding and deriving insight from content, accelerating decisions.

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Document Vision

Document Vision boosts content discoverability, accelerates text extraction, and creates intelligent solutions that businesses can use by connecting or embedding vision capabilities into your apps. Use Document Vision to digitize images, perfect the quality, visually label content, extract printed and handwritten text, barcodes, and check boxes.

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A skill offers an easy approach to configuring, training, and publishing a service (Skill) that is invoked by an application or business user. Pre-trained skills come ready to go for common use cases like invoices, purchase orders, receipts, loan documents, insurance claims, transportation documents, and more. Advanced skills can be quickly built and deployed using ready-made components.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning and deep learning power a new breed of software to understand and process unstructured documents in the same way that knowledge workers do. Applying neural network algorithms delivers unprecedented recognition of unstructured data to operate like a human brain, quickly adapting to changing input, and generating the best possible result.

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Entity Extraction

Entity extraction automatically – and with a high degree of accuracy – determines which entities are being referred to by the text using both NLP techniques and analysis of information gleaned from contextual data in the surrounding unstructured text. For example, is the word “jaguar” referring to a large cat or a car? (OR is the word ‘Sue’ referring to a person or a legal action?)

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Cloud Computing

From SaaS, private, or hybrid – next-generation tools are built with a cloud-first technology approach, accelerating the delivery of solutions and benefits when it comes to process and content understanding.

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